Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tease Salon

Nicole Amos, owner of Tease Salon asked me about taking some "head shots" of some of her clients. So I asked Ty Miller of Copperdog Photography to help. We had a "onelight setup." While one of us was taking pictures of the models, the other got some shots of Nicole and her stylists doing their magic.

Nicole did a great job of getting such gorgeous models. It sure made both myself and Ty's job easy as well as fun.

Nicole at work!!

The scene.

Meagan working her magic!


The diet of champions!!

Baby Kathryn Parrish

Kris and Robert came home a couple of weeks ago to show off Baby Kathryn to Dalton. Tammy and I had the honor of taking some photographs of Kathryn with her new cousin and grandparents.

Congratulations to Kris and Robert on their precious baby girl.

We hope you enjoy the slideshow.

This is the shot that just about freaked everyone out, especially Kris' parents, when I asked to put Baby Kathryn on the mantle. I got two images. What you don't see in the 1st is Kris' leg in the photo and Tammy looking like a quarterback, ready to catch Kathryn.

A precious daddy moment!

Kris still looks like the Homecoming Queen.

Cousin Caroline is showing the love.

There is nothing like a dad with his baby girl.

Great parents!

Proud Grandparents!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby Will Elrod

As a part of my New Year resolution, I'm going to be more religious blogger. This is something that I've just not taken the time to do, just to be frank. But, this is going to be my year.

So here goes:

Tammy and I had the pleasure of photographing Baby Will Elrod, along with his bis sister, Sara Kate. Hope you enjoy the slideshow.

Wendy and Tony, thank you for letting us be a part in Will's life.